Saleem Sayegh Camp
Visiting Nazareth & Safad 18 July 2019

Today we started with the villages of the Lower Galilee, Nemirin, or the mayors of Saban, Mimla, Rabieh, Wadi Kebra, Yaqouq, and the Arabs of Qadriya until Kafr Anan, Firazah, and Miron. From Ein Zeitoun to Safad, our visit was from the Red Mosque to the burial place of Hamed and Khan Safad and Kneissah. The highest east and the meeting of the Arab Harran Jewish and finished in the mosque of the country and from where we moved to the Hasbani River and there we rode the river boats


17 July 2019

To Haifa (bride of the sea)
1) Al-Sheikh town
2) Hanging bridges
3) Baha’s Gardens
4) Monastery of the Lady of Mount Carmel
5) Visiting the old twons of Haifa