Saleem Sayegh Camp
Tuesday 16 July 2019

Our journey from the camp was the north-west road of Marj Ibn Amer to the salt valley and the villages of the Triangle until we reached the source of the Western Ouja River in the Ras Al-Ein area through the villages of Tira al-Ramlah, Deir Tarif and Beit Nabala until Bab El-Oued. Including the beautiful village of Al-Sataf, including the beautiful buildings of Deir Al-Habis (John the Baptist), Hadassah Ein Karem, Ein Al Balad, Jerusalem City of Peace, lunch break in one of the parks and from the door of Hebron to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock. Oil up to the door of the column ( Damascus Gate or Bab al-Sham)